2D & 3D Animation Workshop

Animation and motion graphics have made a comeback. In the digital world, video has taken over as the most popular way to consume information, and animations are popular in every sector – from journalism and media to e-commerce. Whether it’s supplementing existing video footage, or telling entirely animated stories, animating text, vectors, and illustrations is an essential skill for all content creators. Join us for our 2-day workshop, where you’ll learn best-in-class techniques for producing great visuals that tell stories to the web and your social media networks.

Topics covered:

  1. How to develop creative visual stories.

  2. Motion graphics and how to animate text and vectors using key-framing & effects.

  3. Discover resources for stock vectors and illustrations to incorporate into your animations.

  4. Best practices for exporting your animation and deploying it on the web & social media.

  5. Industry-standard animation software Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate.

  6. Produce your own animated story and walk away with a new addition to your portfolio.

Sehrish Fatima

Sehrish Fatima is a Digital Media & Marketing Manager with more than 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing and design field.

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