Front-end Development Coding Bootcamp - Islamabad

herDomain’s 2-Week Coding Bootcamp was our signature technical course in 2017 & 2018. Getting into the course was a competitive process through which, on average, only 10-15% of applicants were selected. The top university-level computer science students invited were taught the most cutting edge technical skills in the global market, including creating different types of chatbots, leveraging artificial intelligence APIs to answer dynamic questions and more. Rather than a classroom theory-based course, students spent the majority of their 40-hours in-class applying their skills directly through labs and solving problems as they would in a professional environment. After the 2-week bootcamp, top students were offered the opportunity to enhance their skills by learning comparable industry-relevant tools like IBM Watson and more. Select students were then provided the opportunity to intern with an IBM-partner or another client. The curriculum was developed by Classadoo, Inc - an education-tech startup based in San Francsico, CA and recently acquired by tech training and outsourcer Andela. The curriculum creators of this course formerly worked at Twitter, Uber and SpaceX.

By the end of the workshop, students had learned how to:

  1. Create and program simple chatbots.

  2. Create and program complex Markov chatbots that have a mind of their own .

  3. Leverage AI APIs to answer questions.

  4. Conduct sentiment analysis.

  5. Improve their basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills.



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