IBM Watson Social Media Analytics - Islamabad

herDomain’s Weekend Workshop on Social Media Analytics taught students all of the major social media analytics tools available for companies to use. Students were exposed to the purpose of creating a social media presence, utilizing data analytics and combining the two skills to detect sentiment analysis of a company. The course was designed to enhance the skills of digital marketers interested in working in the field and learning the most cutting-edge software. This course was open to anyone interested in learning a new skill and tool.

By the end of the workshop, students had learned how to:

  1. Measure public opinion on a brand.

  2. Analyze the demographic breakdown of sentiment analysis .

  3. Leverage IBM Watson for Social Media Analytics to help companies.

  4. Discover new tools being leveraged for digital marketing.

Ummarah Ashraf

Ummarah Ashraf is an instructor at herDomain, currently pursuing her masters in Computer Sciences at COMSATS University

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