IBM Design Thinking Workshop - Islamabad

Have you ever wanted to design your own product but don’t know where to start? In IBM’s Design Thinking Workshop, you will learn general strategies and tangible exercises that can help resolve this issue.

The three-day course will cover the purpose and principles behind user and enterprise design thinking, share specific exercises to get you into the mind of your target audience and teach how to interact with your clients. Expect to walk out of this session with a toolkit of tactics that you can use to design technical products for your customers in a structured manner.

Things this workshop will cover:

  • The principles behind the AI Design Thinking exercises
  • Various Design Thinking Exercises
  • How to set-up and guide the exercises
  • How to help teams generate new ideas
  • How to prepare for and conclude an AI Workshop


Aliza is a Product Owner at IBM Watson Healthcare Analytics in New York City. Previously, she worked at Deloitte and Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. She holds an MBA from the University of Maryland.

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