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We believe in bringing more women into the digital economy.

Connecting women in the developing world with community, virtual training and remote job opportunities

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Our Mission

Herdomain is a non-profit working in South Asia and the Middle East to increase women's entry and advancement in the digital economy..We are committed to supporting women to earn a fair income, shape their communities and excel in their careers.

Our Talent Offerings

Join herdomain and gain access to the following

Remote Work Opportunities

We connect women who are living in developing countries (primarily in South Asia and the Middle East) with opportunities to remotely work with businesses in the United States to earn more money, work flexible hours and gain professional experience 

Studying Online

Fellowship Program

Last year, we launched our first-ever fellowship program. This was designed to support women’s professional development, and to help them to freelance in the tech sector. Following its success, we established a coaching service and an online community to facilitate the continued engagement and growth of women.


This year, we have a series of webinars planned on some emerging areas of tech. Why not join us and find out about the skills needed to enter these fields?   Mark this page for information about forthcoming events.   

Apply for Fellowship
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Community & Resources

We offer resources to help women who want to work remotely figure out how to do so. These include information, mentoring and coaching sessions, and community forums and events.  

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Our Business Offerings

Why businesses hire through herdomain

We recruit, vet and share affordable and remote talent

We handle offshore HR, accounting and legal

We save you money while not compromising on talent quality

We bridge cultural barriers between US and others

Keyboard and Mouse

Still not sure? Hear It from Our Talent

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Having always been passionate about women's empowerment, I was very excited to learn about HD through LinkedIn. Initially I joined the team as a volunteer and then carved out a permanent position for myself. I’m currently helping the organization grow through business development, and our mentoring program.  Being a member of this incredible community, and being able to exchange ideas with talented women has been both a highlight and a learning experience.

Aleena Ahmed

With the Right Community, Everything Is Possible

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