A non-profit working internationally to increase
women’s entry & advancement
in the digital economy


How we can work with you


Find and screen high-quality female tech talent in Pakistan and through our partners.


Optimize talent through offering cutting-edge training, coaching, mentoring and soft skills development in our fellowship program.


Help talent access remote work opportunities and grow their networks, income and autonomy


To integrate more women into the digital economy by reducing their barriers to entry and advancement in tech-related jobs

Increase the number of women in the global workforce by identifying untapped female talent in low and middle income countries and helping them find opportunities


Increase career advancement through increasing the numbers of high-skilled tech jobs and management positions accessible to women

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Offer flexible work hours and locations enabling women to balance their work and family obligations

Of the working population of Pakistan, only 25% of women participate in the labor force 
Less than 23% of professional and technical workers are women in Pakistan
Women constitute less than 18% of Pakistan's STEM professional workforce

Voices of our talent

“herDomain has given me an opportunity to grow parallel with today's technological trends. The projects which I did on behalf of herDomain not only boosted my professional career but also made me polish my interpersonal skills.“

Umaima Khurshid,

UX Designer


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