Apply for Fellowship Program

Apply to HerDomain's 4-week fellowship program (next session: Fall 2022): a virtual community (with lectures, networking and job opportunities) for women in the developing world who want to work remotely in the new digital economy. 


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Program Structure

  • 4 weeks of programming

  • 10 sessions (1 hour each) of core curriculum (i.e. presentations, lectures, networking sessions)

  • Optional internship opportunities 

  • 1on 1 coaching (in addition to core curriculum)

  • Fellowship fee 2000 PKR

Stack of Books
Image by Erge Mahindra

Fellow benefits

  • Training on soft skills for freelancing success (i.e. communication, remote team building, etc) 

  • Interview opportunities with U.S. clients looking for remote talent

  • Networking opportunities with experienced professionals in the field

  • Access to a community, mentors and resources to support your productivity

Learn about the following fields

Operations & Virtual Assistant

Cleaning data, data entry, coordinating communication across teams

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

SEO, PPC, Graphic design and content creation.

Project Management 

Managing complex projects, leading and building teams, overseeing quality and delivery