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Join Our Dynamic Community

Our community is growing rapidly, and we want more tech-trained women to join us -- irrespective of whether they participated in the program.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

Community Benefits

  • Training on soft skills for freelancing success (i.e. communication, remote team building, etc) 

  • Interview opportunities with U.S. clients looking for remote talent

  • Networking opportunities with experienced professionals in the field

  • Access to a community, mentors and resources to support your productivity

  • Connect to our WhatsApp Community Group, our list serve and our newsletter

Stack of Books
Stack of Books

Community Members

  • Women based in Pakistan

  • Bachelor's degree (any field)

  • Interest in growing technical knowledge

  • Interest in working with US-based companies

  • Access to remote working/training

  • Mentorship opportunities

Mentoring Opportunity

  • Connect with an expert in your field

  • Work with them to reflect on your progress

  • Create goals and action plans for growth

  • Learn frameworks for working through challenges and gaining opportunities

  • 6-week mentorship program

  • 45-minute sessions weekly or every other week

Business Consultation
Tablet Screen

From the Fellowship Program to Freelancing in One Easy Step

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-05 at 5.24.37 PM.jpeg
In September, I will have been working as a Consultant for NSR Petro Services for a month— a position I initially secured through herDomian.  As a student at BUITEMS University, Quetta, I was aware of herDomain, and had been associated with programs like NASA Space App Challenge —  which were facilitated by IEEE (a partner of HerDomain). Then earlier this year, in March, I completed a month-long fellowship program run by HerDomain. This helped me to develop new skills relating to current technological trends. After graduating from the Fellowship,  I was fortunate to quickly secure work, and since then I have been polishing my interpersonal skills.  Overall, the fellowship has changed my life.

Unsa Abrar, September 2022.

Learn about the following fields

Operations & Virtual Assistant

Cleaning data, data entry, coordinating communication across teams

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

SEO, PPC, Graphic design and content creation.

Project Management 

Managing complex projects, leading and building teams, overseeing quality and delivery

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