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Join Our Dynamic Fellowship Community

Our fellowship program is growing rapidly, and we want more tech-trained women to join us -- irrespective of whether they participated in the program last March.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

Fellow benefits

  • Training on soft skills for freelancing success (i.e. communication, remote team building, etc) 

  • Interview opportunities with U.S. clients looking for remote talent

  • Networking opportunities with experienced professionals in the field

  • Access to a community, mentors and resources to support your productivity

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Mentoring and Growing Impact

During the fellowship, freelancers identified a need for mentoring and coaching support. In responding to these needs herDomain designed a mentoring program for its fellows which was based on best practice from the field.

The Mentoring program works by initially matching a mentor and mentee via a screening process to ensure a good fit.  During an initial telephone call, the needs of the mentor, and the mentees' skills and experience are discussed. If the skills and interests of both parties are aligned, a tentative mentoring plan is devised between the two.  Each plan which lasts a six-week period, covers six career topics. Sessions last 45-minute each and take place every two weeks. The session topics, though planned, nevertheless allow for the evolving needs and circumstances of the mentee. Overall, the dynamic nature of the sessions guarantees maximum benefit and impact for both mentee and mentor.  If you want to learn more about the mentoring program, please write to

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From the Fellowship Program to Freelancing in One Easy Step

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In September, I will have been working as a Consultant for NSR Petro Services for a month— a position I initially secured through herDomian.  As a student at BUITEMS University, Quetta, I was aware of herDomain, and had been associated with programs like NASA Space App Challenge —  which were facilitated by IEEE (a partner of HerDomain). Then earlier this year, in March, I completed a month-long fellowship program run by HerDomain. This helped me to develop new skills relating to current technological trends. After graduating from the Fellowship,  I was fortunate to quickly secure work, and since then I have been polishing my interpersonal skills.  Overall, the fellowship has changed my life.

Unsa Abrar, September 2022.

Learn about the following fields

Operations & Virtual Assistant

Cleaning data, data entry, coordinating communication across teams

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

SEO, PPC, Graphic design and content creation.

Project Management 

Managing complex projects, leading and building teams, overseeing quality and delivery

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