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2021 Fundraiser Update

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

herDomain's yearly update

Since last year, herDomain has grown and continued to connect Pakistani women with remote work opportunities. Our flexible model has empowered talent to balance their personal and professional responsibilities and overcome cultural, social and economic barriers to participating in the workforce. Specifically, our impact this year includes the following:

  • Our freelancers attest to their improved abilities to meet their children's schooling costs, housing costs and subsistence costs for their family and the wider community

  • 70% more women this year than last year have retained their employment through our opportunities, and we maintain earning wages that are above the Pakistani market rate

  • We remain committed to coaching and mentoring women through hosting live and virtual events. Our last event reached a 367+ audience and covered the topic of freelancing

  • As an organization, we have generated ~$100,000 for talent, the vast majority of which goes to the talent directly

  • Women and communities across Pakistan (i.e. Quetta, Sargodha, Islamabad, Karachi, Gilgit and more) have benefited directly and indirectly from our work

  • Since Ramadan 2020, we have upskilled women in specialized areas via certifications and courses to help them progress in their careers

  • We partnered with multiple NGOs and educational institutions in Pakistan. This has included exploring ways to help colleges engage with the tech needs of the country and to support the professional skills development of undergraduates

  • As our organization grows, we continue to refine our focus and improve our processes to improve the rights and conditions of women in the workplace

Please consider donating to herDomain .Our research shows that demand for digital marketing, UI/UX, no-code and other skills are surging. With your donation, we will invest in these cutting-edge trainings for university-level women to keep our community competitive in the global tech labor market. We are also looking forward to expanding this model to more secondary cities and rural areas in Pakistan.

Donate today to help us continue to empower women and positively change lives. Thank you to everyone who supported us financially and otherwise last year. We are so grateful for your time, consideration and generosity.

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