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For Clients: The Advantages of Outsourcing to Pakistan

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

With so many outsourcing options, it’s difficult for businesses to select where to outsource. Below, we have highlighted some of the advantages of outsourcing to Pakistan (with herDomain or anyone else!)

  1. Time difference: Pakistan is 9 hours ahead of US Eastern Time and 12 hours ahead of US Pacific Time. While that may seem challenging, it has one major advantage: outsourced work literally takes place while you sleep. Many of our clients have had the experience of sending project requirements to a client at night, going to sleep and waking up to a completed project, flyer, website, etc. The time difference allows our clients to keep their businesses working 24/7.

  2. Fair market rate for all parties: Pakistan is an emerging technical market and while it’s growing rapidly, it is not yet at the size of India or China. This means that rates, while competitive, are less expensive than those of its neighbors. At herDomain, we are transparent about taking a marginal cut for our operational expenses (<20%) while the vast majority of the earnings goes directly to our talent. By providing wages and salaries above market rates, we are able to keep our talent happy while also providing fair prices to our clients.

  3. Communication Styles: A former British colony, Pakistan’s two official languages are English and Urdu. Most of the talent we hire has been educated in English-medium schools and speaks fluent English. As an American company, there might be slight differences in the terminology used by your talent but this has rarely been an impediment to quality or effectiveness of work as far as we have seen.

  4. Pakistan’s tech scene is thriving: Over the last few years, Pakistan’s tech scene has blossomed drastically. All of the excitement has led to a large number of people choosing to become developers, designers and more. This has dramatically increased the amount of tech talent and the quality of the talent. Do not be surprised if your new freelancer is providing you with new ideas and telling you about the latest tech software.

  5. Different Holidays + Availability: Given the different cultures and religions, it is probably obvious that the US and Pakistan have very different holidays. While the US celebrates Christmas and Easter, Pakistan celebrates Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha. One advantage of Pakistan is that it has fewer public holidays than its neighbors India and China. There are of course disadvantages to this difference, but we have found no problem (so far) with everyone respecting each others’ holidays. We prioritize and plan around this by providing open communication and transparency at the beginning of a project!

  6. High percentage of women STEM graduates: 60% of STEM graduates in Pakistan are women. This means that if your company is looking to diversify its tech team, you can successfully find a female developer in Pakistan. At herDomain, we’ve heard many positive reviews from our clients about the exceptional soft skills and design intuition our female developers bring to the table.

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